Setting Up Anaconda And Jupyter Notebook On GNU/Linux

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The Jupyter Notebook is an open-source interactive web application developed by Python language. The official recommends installing Python and Jupyter Notebook using the Anaconda Distribution. This article documents how to set up Anaconda and Jupyter Notebook, and implement the entire process through a shell script.

We are changing versioning in Anaconda Distribution from a major/minor version scheme to a year.month scheme. We made this change to differentiate between the open source Anaconda Distribution and Anaconda Enterprise, our managed data science platform. Conda, will continue to use a major/minor versioning scheme. – Anaconda Distribution 2018.12 Released

Using Hugo and Travis CI To Deploy Blog To Github Pages Automatically

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My personal static blog is hosted on Github. I used Hexo before, but as its complicated package dependence and cumbersome deployment process, I have to encapsulate the whole deployment environment into Docker image for rapid deployment, but it was still too complex. Now I switch to Hugo which is faster, simpler.

This article documents how to automatically synchronize blog contents generated by Hugo to Github through Travis CI.